PUNCHLINE Algebra Set • Books A and B

The Punchline Algebra Set consists of two binders, each containing 192 pages. Book A includes topics often taught in the first semester of an Algebra 1 course, while Book B includes topics generally taught in the second semester.

Listed below is an outline of the topics included in each book. For a complete table of contents as well as sample puzzles for each book, please click on the links above.

  cover   Books A and B are also available on a single DVD disc, which includes every page as a pdf. The disc is interactive. Clicking on any topic in the Table of Contents takes you to the puzzle(s) for that topic. Clicking on any puzzle title takes you to the answers. In addition, there is a continuous pdf file for each book that includes all the puzzles in the book.  

Book A Topics

1. Tools for Algebra

2. Rational Numbers and Expressions

3. Equations and Problems

4. Solving Word Problems

5. Rates, Proportion, and Percent

6. Introduction to Graphs and Functions

7. Linear Patterns and Their Graphs

8. Systems of Linear Equations

9. Inequalities

10. Enrichment and Extras



Book B Topics

11. Exponents and Exponential Functions

12. Operations With Polynomials

13. Factoring Polynomials

14. Quadratic Equations and Functions

15. Radical Expressions and Equations

16. Triangles

17. Rational Expressions

18. Rational Equations and Functions

19. Probability

20. Enrichment and Extras